International Training Event in Lamezia Terme, Italy

Short-term joint staff training eventsĀ 

The 2Become1 training course took place in Lamezia Terme,Italy. It was for showing how to adapt migrants to social inclusion by using methods, tools and practices on how teachers and operators can help them. By introducing a new standard education making use of basic knowledge of ICT tools, google applications and workshops will be planned and held.Italian and Calabrian reality on forced migration,policies , practices and strategies giving the participants a ground of discussion for future outcomes and development for the project and for productive work once they come back home.

During the week, they did introduction to forced migration. Sharing italian reality and reception policies for migrants and refugees. Then they talked about new pedagogical approaches: non formal methods/tools for multicultural classes and working with minorities and disadvantaged people and for adults.

Aswell as these events they’ve done, they did a reunion about “what do you need to know when working with refugees: psychological impact on migration”, meeting and roundtable with a trainer at C.P.I.A, adult education centre and representative of high school PertiniSantoni,Crotone. Focus on Calabrian and italian educational practices, workshop-group discussion and sharing partner countries best practices.

For last they did prevention of intercultural conflicts and exclusion best practices and strategies with the ICT tools continuing on practice. ICT tools and apps for migrant support.

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